Charley (feline_ways) wrote in lovetopshop,


I've just joined this community in light of my job interview with Arcadia on thursday. Its for their graduate management scheme. Basically I want to get as much information together as possible, which has so far meant trawling the internet/their website/their shops. I'm also going to nip into a couple of their shops and get chatting to their shop assistants.
Anyway, what I'd like to find out from you are the following:
-What you like/dislike about Topshop (and the other Arcadia brands, if you like)
-Your experiences of working there yourself
-Any Arcadia/Topshop managers amongst you? Any information on the interview process, what its like to work there, your roles and responsibilities, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance for all your help.
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