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lovetopshop's Journal

we love Topshop

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Welcome to LoveTopshop

This is a community for girls (and guys) who love Topshop to share experiences, advice and of course, lots of pictures.

What you can contribute to the LoveTopshop community:

1. Post pictures of what you have bought, especially any good bargains or stylish outfits you have put together

2. Items you aren't satisfied with and would like to trade (you can sell here too, but we may delete your post if we feel it is spam, or doesn't add to the community)

3. Questions and advice! We want to help you integrate the less wearable Topshop items into your everyday life so feel free to ask and, if you can, help others too.

4. Discuss anything Topshop-related; working for Topshop, stories about you shopping experiences, which celeb is wearing Topshop, even Topshop's labour conditions and whether they are ethical.

5. Comments! Everyone loves to hear how pretty their clothes are, so show posters that you enjoyed their contributions by commenting.

Posts including clothes from other shops are allowed, but try to include at least one item from Topshop in your posts.

Your maintainers are:
50s_housewife and saidshedcall

Join, post, comment, and have fun ♥

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